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Letting go of anxiety with crystals

Letting go of anxiety with crystals

Many things change with the seasons. For some, it means adjusting for different times, for others, the change is unsettling for them, spiritually and emotionally. This is nothing new; it has been known as the winter blues, a necessary evil before the spring fever.  The changes of the season happens people all over the world; […]

Wisdom from a Catholic Psychic
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Words of Wisdom from a Catholic Psychic

As a Catholic who’s also a practicing psychic, I’m often told that my faith has no room for psychic readers. But I don’t believe this. Many Christians believe that according to the Bible, psychic gifts are tools of the devil. But I firmly believe that psychic intuition involves receiving messages from God’s. It’s all about […]

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Ways To Avoid The Most Common Psychic Scams

    It’s very common that if someone reached for a psychic then she wants to believe that the psychic is working in the client’s best interests and that’s where disaster happens at times. Normally, A psychic can help you prepare for an upcoming trip, make important relationship decisions or consult you on how to deal […]

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Finding A Rare and True Psychic Medium

           It is an unfortunate consequence for some of us who are legitimate psychic mediums because there are fakes out there. Without actually receiving a reading, it can be difficult to tell who is real and who is not. Word of mouth recommendations can be very helpful but a relatively small percentage of […]

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You Better Run Away When A Psychic Tell You This

From time to time, I get emails from people who have been scammed by a fraud psychic and I am talking about it here to raise awareness so that it won’t hopefully happen to anyone who reads this. One of the unfortunate things about the psychic industry is that there are no regulations, no objective way […]

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Ways In Finding A Great Psychic

 With oodles of businesses going online, how do you choose a psychic that you can trust to give you good, reliable information? There’s a lot of fraud and scammers online so you need to choose carefully on who to trust with.  Now, To make sure you get a genuine psychic who will not defraud you […]