Make Wishes Come True with WOOP

Some people spend their whole lives wishing for things to never see them come true. Making your wishes come true doesn’t involve some kind of magic trip but there are tools that you can use to make things happen for you. One important way to make your wishes come true is by using WOOP.

What is WOOP?

Woop is an acronym for wish, outcome, obstacle and plan. This is a way that you can make changes in your life in a positive way by figuring out what kind of obstacles that you will face and having a plan to overcome them. Here is how you can use WOOP to make your wishes work out for you:

What Are You Wishing for?

The first thing that you have to do is to figure out what you are wishing for. Make sure that you are doing this in a positive way and that you are looking at your innermost self.

You can do this by finding out what your biggest wish is and taking time to really look deep inside. Find out what would bring you happiness in your life. Look at all the things going on in your life such as your career, your health and your free time. No matter what you are wishing for, a new job or to have better relationships, make sure that you have this as your wish.

Imagine the End Game

Take a moment to imagine what it is going to look like when you get your wish to come true. This can increase your positivity and help your wish to come true.

Do this by imagining your wish. How does your wish make you feel and how will you feel when you get your outcome? Be as vivid as possible and try to imagine the smells, feelings and sounds around you when this wish comes true.


What obstacles are surrounding you that might block you from making your wish come true? Think of all of the things that might be holding you back. This can stand in the way of your wishes coming true.

Take time to think about what is causing you to not make your wish come true. You can write this down in a journal, meditate on it or even talk to someone about what is holding you back. Don’t feel guilty about making your wish happen.


Once you do all of those things above, you have to have a plan. Find out how you will overcome the obstacles in front of you. What kind of changes do you need to make? Make sure that you are making goals that are realistic and even short-term goals. Don’t become overwhelmed by what you want in your life.

Look at your obstacles and use an “if” statement. This can be something like this, “If I don’t think that there is time to write then I will remind myself that it is important for me to make time for this.” Write this on a sticky note and put it around your house.

Break down the wish that you have and set a goal. Set a short goal of 3 months and then a long goal of 9 months. You can even put some goals in between. Take time to look at the progress that you make and set your goals around your progress.

You can make your dreams come true. This is even something that can be backed by science. You will see that your wishes can come true, and you can have the life that you truly want.