If you never wish for such disappointments, Kasamba psychics is the type of psychics that you must avoid at all costs. ... Any sane person can confirm that this is fraud.
Kasamba Reviews: Fake Psychics Or Legitimate Service?

It is pretty obvious that your hopes are always very high and positive when consulting a psychic, right?

Now, take a mental picture of having all your high-risen hopes shattered just like that when your chosen psychic provides you with wrong readings. Does that sound good? Of course NOT! If you never wish for such disappointments, Kasamba psychics is the type that you must avoid at all costs. So many Kasamba reviews have been aired and a lot of negativity communicated with regard to the services.

Kasamba psychics might have promised you heaven and earth initially. However, this comes as a direct opposite when you realize that their services are not worth anything. There are so many negative issues that have been identified in other Kasamba reviews and more are yet to come. You must, therefore, fight tooth and nail to find the best psychic service.

So, what can we say about Kasamba Psychics?


Kasamba psychics fail to understand that clients always aim at getting the best. It is never a nice thing to get a reading on a certain matter, only to get incorrect results in the end. This is one of the key trends transpiring among Kasamba Psychics. Inaccuracy in prediction has been their way of service dissemination. Not one or two, but many clients have received wrong readings from Kasamba Psychics before.

Some of the clients even go to 3 or 4 Kasamba psychics regarding a common issue. Surprisingly, each and every psychic comes up with a different reading. This simply confirms that you should not expect any accuracy from these psychics. It is more of time wastage to seek services from Kasamba Psychics.

Untrustworthy and Dishonest Support

The worst thing that Kasamba Psychics have ever done is to promise what they cannot offer. Aside from offering force readings, Kasamba Psychics also give assurances that they will never meet. At the beginning, you will be assured that if everything does not go as stipulated, then Kasamba Psychics will do all they can to reimburse you. However, the reimbursement never comes.

You will be request to drop an email regarding any problem on their services, but it will take ages before they reply. Actually, there will be no reply at all. It seems that to Kasamba Psychics, offering wrong readings is not just enough. A perk of false assurances and promises is also part of the package. You must not waste your precious time consulting Kasamba Psychics.

Exaggerated Charges

It can never get worse than paying heftily for psychic services and, on top of it, get the wrong readings. This surpasses any pain that a person can feel. It makes clients feel really stupid and used. It might sound harsh, but Kasamba Psychics are money-oriented. To them, it does not matter what the client in question will feel as long as they get a fair share of money. Client satisfaction is never their primary priority.

Hundreds of Kasamba reviews have one common issue, and that is exaggerated price deals. In as much as you would want to understand the intensity of Psychic services, some charges are simply ridiculous. Things get even worse when the psychics fail to give you a refund after offering wrong readings. Any sane person can confirm that this is fraud. A client always has the right to get a refund of the money they paid, should the readings backfire or turn futile. This is something that Kasamba Psychics disregard heavily.


Since time immemorial, a client has never stopped being the king. In other words, psychics always have the obligation of addressing their subjects in the most professional way. It is from this point that primary client satisfaction is achieved. It is quite unfortunate that Kasamba Psychics do not have the slightest touch of professionalism.

Their interaction with clients is very poor. They do not understand how to address their clients. Some of the previous clients here claim that the site has psychics who type and respond too slow. This is not only draining but really irritating to any client. It is absolutely wrong for Kasamba Psychic to have the notion that clients have all the time to wait.

The kind of language they use is neither appealing nor convincing. It makes you feel as if you are dealing with a witch doctor from your neighborhood. Consulting Kasamaba Psychics is simply stooping too low. Not worth your efforts at all!

New Faces All The Time

Kasamba has the tendency of employing any person who simply claims to have some psychic powers and capabilities. This is done even without the guarantee of getting good services from such psychics. If you are wondering why you have been receiving a chain of false readings from Kasamba Psychics, then know you might have dealt with a fake. Well, Kasamba holds a long record of futile readings and this can only mean that their psychics are nothing but fakes.

You will realize that the site has some faces, some of which you cannot trust. You should refrain from seeking services from a psychic service provider who gives you the more reasons to doubt his/her authenticity. It would be better to consult a real Psychic and get something better in return. 

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