How to Get Your Karma Clean

You can create karma and not have any kind of action tied to it just by how you think and how you act. Creating good karma is easy and when you plant good fruits, you are able to have your karma come back to you in good ways.

You have to learn to change the way that you think and act in the physical world so that you can reach goodness in the spiritual world.

If you want to clean up your karma, you have to learn to stop doing your own thing and be more devoted to the universe and to things around you in your life.

Changing Your Life

There are things that you can change in your life to have better karma such as:

  • Change the way that you eat.
  • Speak positive words.

You need to learn to make sure that your life is balanced and that you are able to understand the birth, death, and rebirth and that you will do this over and over and you have to release your bonds so that your karma can be stronger.

Clearing Karma

Here are some ways that you can be free of karma and understand it better.

Burning Karma

When you want to burn your karma, you can do this by stop eating unhealthy foods. You can stop eating processed foods and start eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

There are ways that you can burn fast in your body and the same comes with burning your karma. Make sure that your intentions are good and that your actions work with your intentions to help you be positive.

Cleaning Karma

You can start cleaning your karma by making sure that you do not let things pile up on you. When this happens, it can cause you to be negative and cause you to miss out on good things in your life.

You can clean your karma by making sure that you are increasing your knowledge, that you are meditating, that you are being kind and selfless.

Keeping Your Karma Clean

Once you clean your karma, you can keep it clean by making sure that you do the right things in your life. You can make sure that you are positive, that you are helping others and that you are being the best that you can be.

Karma as a Whole

Make sure that you look at your karma as a whole. Remember, whatever you put into the universe will come back to you. You have to make sure that you put away past karma that is negative and that you store your energy so that you can be strong and healthy along your journey.