Types of Psychics

There are different types of psychics and when you want to see one, you should try to find one that can help you with what kind of problem you are having. There are different psychics that do different things but the important thing to remember is that they are there to help you.


A psychic is someone that has special gifts and can see or hear into the future. This is called intuition and even though not everyone knows this, everyone has a psychic gift or two.

Some psychics will use different tools called divination tools and these can include things such as tarot cards and crystal balls. Not all psychics use tools, but some will use their clair giftings to connect with the spirit world.


If you think of a psychic, you are probably thinking of someone that is clairvoyant. This type of psychic can see things in the spiritual world such as auras of others, have visions and dreams or be able to speak about the past or the future.

Some people are clairvoyant, and they do not realize they have this gifting. If you have strong dreams or see things flash before your eyes, you might be clairvoyant.


A person that has the gift of being clairaudient can get messages from the spirit world. They might hear a song playing or hear whispering.


Someone that is a clairsentient psychic can feel the energy of things. This happens when you go into a room or a house that has spirits.

Clair empathy

A person that is clairempathetic might be able to feel the emotions of others and they allow others to connect with their emotions.


Someone that is clairgustant can taste things from the spirit world.


A person that has this gifting can smell things and it can be signs from the spirits.


This is another gift that means someone can feel things or just know things for no reasons.

You might have these gifts when things aren’t being done like smell cookies cooking or pies in the oven like your mom used to make.


A well-known kind of psychic is a medium. There are many famous mediums and their job is to talk to the dead and the spirit world. They can help people that have lost their loved ones to be able to communicate with them.

Tarot Readers

A person that is a tarot reader will use tarot cards to predict your past, present and future. Some tarot readers will connect with their cards and do a reading.

The tarot deck has 78 cards and they can talk about the beliefs they have, their inner truth and their life.

A tarot reader can share what they are reading and connect with the person and the cards.

Rune Reader

A rune reader uses stones instead of tarot cards and the stones have hidden messages.

Akashic Record Readers

Someone that reads Akashic records can tell about the past and they do this through meditation and prayer. They can tell the records from the universe and reveal energies from time and space.


Many people have different psychic gifts and you might be psychic and not even know it. If you think you are, take time to develop your gifting or talk to a trusted psychic that can help to guide you and lead you down the right path.