What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are ways that the angels can communicate with you through the universe. If you have believed in psychic giftings or powers for a while, you will know that the Law of Attraction can help you to connect with the universe and to get signs such as angel numbers.

These numbers can help you to connect with the angels and the universe. If you find that you see repeating numbers on billboards, license plates or on the clock, this can mean that the angels are trying to get you to know something and to see the pattern. Maybe every time you look at the clock it is 3:33. Everywhere you seem to look you keep seeing that number.

The universe is trying to tell you something and it doesn’t always have to be a number, it can also be a sign or different numbers. You can take numbers such as 856 and look them up and see that they have a meaning as well.

Other numbers such as 934 or even 1934 can be angels trying to tell you hello. There are many places that you can look up angel numbers or sometimes called Sacred Scribe Angel numbers and you can learn what they mean for you.

If you see numbers repeated over and over again, you might just see two numbers and it could have a special meaning to you or it could be four numbers such as 2222.

Here is a short list of some of the popular angel numbers:


This can be that you are manifesting something good in your life.


This means you need to balance your life and move forward.


This is your angels wanting to guide you.


Your angels want you to know they support you.


Big changes are coming to you soon.


Learn to trust the universe for whatever is going on in your life.


You are about to get lucky.


Money is coming.


You are about to complete something in your life.


Angel numbers can be numbers that repeat or that you see over and over again. These numbers can come to you because the universe wants to talk to you, or your angels want to communicate with you.

If you have any questions, look up angel numbers to get more answers.