Learning to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Connecting to your spirit guide is something that is not hard at all, but people often confuse the idea of meditating and reaching the spiritual world. You can easily connect with your guides and you can learn to hear from them clearly. Once you learn to increase your psychic abilities, you will be able to hear more from your guides and know what path to take in life.

What is a Spirit Guide?

Everyone has at least one spirit guide and the guides are there to help you in your physical world. They were given to you before you were born, and they are assigned to people while they are on earth to help them make it through problems and rough patches in their life.

When you learn about your higher self and you start your journey in life, your guides will be there to comfort you and to show you your higher purpose in life. They are there to give you good in your life and they want nothing more but peace and happiness in your life.

The spirit guides were once human and then they reached their enlightenment and went to a higher plane. They are different than angels and other spirits and they are made of energy only and do not have a physical body.

The spirit guides are there to help you when your intuition doesn’t seem to be working. They will guide you and come to you so that you can get clarification in your life.

Types of Guides

There are many different types of spirit guides and the first one we will talk about is the best friend guide. This is a guide that will spend most of its time with you. You will talk to this guide and they will bring you happiness and joy in your life.

Your best friend guide is there to help you to better yourself and to be more patient. They are there when life is hard to guide you through hard outcomes and decisions.

If you need to have more balance in your life, write yourself a message to your best friend guide. Tell them what is going on in your life and let them help you to find joy.


The guardian is there to help to keep you safe. They will bring you messages that warn you and messages that help you to know when trouble is lurking around you.

If you feel cautious about something, it is probably your guide telling you to watch your back and to be careful in what you are doing.

Wisdom Guide

The Wisdom guide is there to teach you new things and to help you to live a better life on earth. They are there to assist you and to teach you new things.

Body Guide

This guide is there to help your body to be strong and balanced. When you diet and exercise, your body guide is there advising you to do things better.

Short Stay Guides

Some guides are only there for a short term and they are there to teach you something new or to help you to do better in something in your life. For example, if you have a big test coming up that you need to pass, you may have a guide that is there to help you study for that time.

Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

You can communicate with your spirit guides all day long. They speak to you with messages and with signs. They are gentle and they are connected with you and will give you messages depending on what direction you are going in your life.

The relationship that you have with your spirit guide is different and they will make sure that you are cared for and that you are guided. They will commit to you and give you attention when you need it.

The stronger your relationship with your guide gets, the better your communication will be. If you want to connect with your guide, find a quiet place to sit and meditate.

Ask your guides to come to you and to connect to you. They will only come if you invite them. Once you invite them, ask them to contact you. This will raise your vibrational frequency and will be clear to you.

You can even ask your guide to share its name with you and whatever name comes to your mind first, that is your guides name.

Developmental Training

There are many different spirit guides, and they will be there to help you. They are there to guide you in your life to do what is best for you. Your guides will never force you to do anything because they believe in free will, but they will tell you when things are not right.

If you are making a decision and you feel insecure over it, chances are that this is your guide telling you that you need to think over that choice.

Look deep inside of yourself and learn to reach your goals and needs and to allow your guides to help you. Listen to their advice and be patient when you are connected with them. Allow your psychic gifting to develop more and your connection to become stronger.