Ways In Finding A Great Psychic

 With oodles of businesses going online, how do you choose a psychic that you can trust to give you good, reliable information? There’s a lot of fraud and scammers online so you need to choose carefully on who to trust with. 

Now, To make sure you get a genuine psychic who will not defraud you or try to lure you into paying for all your fears, use this list to screen:


  •  Ask what the charge is before you start. There should be an agreement to pre-pay for an allotted time.
  • Start with no more than three (3) minutes. Believe me, that’s plenty of time for a genuine seer to get a lot of information from you psychically as well as tell you what they see in the very near future. Most seers offer special promotions so that you can get your first sample-reading for free. If you are happy with what you hear, then go ahead and decide if you want to continue. But just don’t hang up and try to pretend you are someone new so that you can scam free readings. An accurate seer is generally pretty dedicated to giving accurate, reliable information. Like most professionals, they are there to do a job for which they are hired and they don’t want to pursue heavy marketing to t.v. audiences which require them to do “tricks” and other magic-looking hocus-pocus.
  • NEVER start your reading by being the one to spill out all your personal details before the seer has had a chance to tune into you. It’s best to keep your question as simple as possible in the beginning and that you try to stay as neutral throughout the reading as much as possible. If you start to show your emotions, this will force the seer to consider holding back on details that you could possibly be very interested in – even though they may not be what you want to hear. For instance, if there’s an unwanted event and you get upset about it, s/he might think of focusing on other topics rather than giving you the kind of information that will help you change this event or even stop it from manifesting. Worse, a false seer will use your emotional displays to start to give you an opinion instead of sticking to giving you valid predictions. I used to live in a building near Central Park and downstairs was a little “psychic shop”. On a daily basis I would overhear her phoning people to tell them that if they didn’t pay her $3000+ to put a spell on their lover that she would instead put bad luck on themselves. Clearly, she had managed to tap into the emotional weakness…and lure her clients into paying more for her personal belief systems. It’s not fair and its really not truly psychic.
  • Relax. It’s okay if your seer asks you to sit in a certain way or to close your eyes, or to mention the first name of someone you would like to know more about: this simply helps them get connected to you and to start downloading information that you will find accurate. But, if the seer starts to ask you detailed questions about your relationship or who the person is at that point, you are unfortunately not really with a genuine psychic and it’s possible you’ve been taken by a potential fraud.
  • Don’t feel you have to take the seer’s advice! A professional seer should only predict events, rather than going into the role of becoming a spiritual advisor. On the other hand, if you are interested in spiritual opinions that they may have, by all means ask for them. You may also wish to ask for a different rate though. This is because the ability to see into another person’s decisions, thoughts or events is a high quality expertise or skill. Spirituality is really a general community virtue which in my opinion can be shared but it really is not a type of service.
  • You get what you pay for. Really accurate and professional-level descriptions of upcoming events, including decisions, is not a luxury the minute you learn how to take advantage of it to do well in your job, your relationship and basically your whole life. At that point, the price of such excellent service is and should be treated like the price of medicine: you don’t want to have to depend on medicine the same way you depend on food. Likewise, medicine can get you results much, much faster than food but the idea is that you use it only when the problem debilitates your ability to live off food. In this case, the medicine is the high quality reading that comes at a much higher price than say, advice you give yourself for free or that a friend might give you. Just make sure you don’t pay a high price to a seer who is not effective.
  • If available, read the customer testimonials from the seer’s previous clients. Feedback is powerful. I really value their feedback and I know my work is excellent Unfortunately, a lot of my clients prefer to just phone me and not bother writing after every call. That’s perfectly alright. And to be honest with you, sometimes I get a client who is angry and/or abusive – especially after a prediction came true that I had warned them about but they didn’t believe me. It’s rare but it does happen – especially in the hottest weather moments. When it happens, they can leave feedback that is much too personal and even dishonest. Dismiss those. Read the ones that seem objective. Aim to see the ones that say whether or not predictions come true.
  • Use a bit of caution about what can be predicted and what cannot: The visions are triggered based on emotions. For example, if a person is thinking emotionally about their pet’s name, then the pet’s name can be ‘seen’ psychically. I remember on CNN how Anderson Cooper and a few others were trying to discredit the entire psychic ability process by asking someone to guess the colour or a number. Again, it is possible but only if there’s an event associated with it. Decisions are events. Decisions can only be predicted at the moment of readiness to orient towards it. Truly, no one can predict free will in advance and any seer that says that they can is misleading. Before a decision is made, it is only possible to describe the orientation of a person based on his or her emotions. This is like describing the way a bowling ball is likely to roll based on the ‘feel’ of the alley and the thrust from the bowler’s hand. And yet, only a high quality seer can predict what is also Unpredictable interference or obstacles that are coming up. This is extremely valuable.
  • After hearing what seems to be an accurate set of predictions about the outcomes ahead, it’s up to you to make the decisions you need to make. Yes, it might be tempting to ask your ‘seer’ what you should do . Don’t! Instead, ask your seer to explore the outcome that would happen if you tried different approaches. List those approaches and let her/him do the work psychically rather than from the basis of an opinion.