Words of Wisdom from a Catholic Psychic

As a Catholic who’s also a practicing psychic, I’m often told that my faith has no room for psychic readers. But I don’t believe this. Many Christians believe that according to the Bible, psychic gifts are tools of the devil. But I firmly believe that psychic intuition involves receiving messages from God’s. It’s all about the intent of the psychic.

There were many prophets throughout history who received the word of God and shared it with the world. The Holy Spirit worked through them and gifted them with blessings from God.

God’s Insight vs. Psychic Intuition

Wisdom from a Catholic PsychicSimply put, the difference between God’s insight and psychic intuition is the word “psychic.” The word carries a heavy stigma with it. It’s frequently stereotyped and commonly used as a negative connotation. In ancient times, the word “psychic,” as well as the word “gypsy,” was used to describe fraudulent readers and travelers who gave negative or false predictions and made off with victims’ money.

Sadly, there certainly were, and still are, people who practice in this way. We all must be aware that intuition, like our other senses, can be used for both good and bad. You can use your sense of touch gently to comfort somebody, or you can use it aggressively by punching somebody. It’s your responsibility what you do with your senses.

The Sixth Sense

Unfortunately, many Christians classify the sixth sense as evil and believe that psychic readings are deceitful actions of the devil. This closes their minds to the possibility that the esoteric arts can be used in God’s work and share His light and love. I believe that every person is born with the sixth sense. But many of us forgot that it exists. We all use it, but many of us don’t realize.

The Sixth SenseHow often do you have a bad feeling about somebody or something, with no prior knowledge of who or what it is? Have you ever had a strong feeling to avoid a certain place, and then tragedy strikes and you count yourself as lucky that you weren’t there?

After heeding my sixth sense for my entire life, I genuinely believe that these things happen to everybody. It’s our sixth sense at work. It gets our attention through other senses—our feelings, or clairsentience; our hearing, or clairaudience; and our sight, or clairvoyance. Most of us don’t recognize our sixth sense in these moments. We resolve to ignore it because our culture encourages us to. On the other hand, psychics acknowledge this sense and work to develop it.

Encouragement for Catholic Psychics

Psychic gifts don’t make you a bad Christian.

All humans’ purpose is to spread joy and light.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through us and give us messages only in the holy name of God.

Be discreet when you do readings.

Always be aware of your surroundings and your feelings.

Always pray to the Almighty God before you read, and fill your space with His Divine light.

For those of you who receive messages from psychics— I like to call them “spiritual warriors”—if your message is Divinely inspired, it may not be what you wanted to hear. But it certainly is what God wanted you to know or to hear at the time. So please don’t blame the messenger!