Chakras and How They Influence Relationships

Some may not realize it, but they are finding love according to their chakras. It is interesting to note that these energy centers in your spiritual body can control different aspects of your daily life and their state of being can influence everything including dating.

What is a Chakra?

Chakras produce different types of energy and, according to those who understand them, the most active ones drives your goals and ambitions of relationships. Whatever chakra rules you will come out in your relationships.

There are seven chakras and they are divided into lower and higher centers. The lower ones, which include root, sacral and solar plexus, tend to bring on more unhappiness while the higher ones, heart, throat, brow and crown, area associated with happiness. The key to understanding here is that activities the higher centers cause the lower ones to open up to their best forms, resulting in balance.

Here is how chakras work within relationships:

Root Chakra

This is a primary instinct chakra, so it is driven by sexual energy. It is a survival chakra because it promotes reproduction and fear to avoid physical danger. However, it is also associated with ego and selfishness. This is how we protect our needs and emotions.

People with this as a dominant chakra meet in bars, at parties or other entertainment venues. This is where they go to find someone rather than meet by chance. They are attracted primarily by looks.

The problem is people with this chakra are typically left bitter and disappointed when the honeymoon period ends. The relationship is a roller coaster with conditional love, threats of leaving and even cheating. If they marry it is out of a strong emotional dependence rather than love.

Sacral Chakra

This is connected to happiness, confidence and resourcefulness, but is also liked to fear, self-preservation and greed. People who meet with this chakra want to create comfort and wealth. While this isn’t inherently bad, it can bring trouble when attaining wealth becomes the main goal of a relationship.

People with this chakra typically meet in a resort, dinner party, work events or expensive restaurants.

Solar Plexus

This chakra is associated with ambition and goals. They aspire to both types of material pleasures in life, which consist of worldly items like beautiful homes and fancy cars as well as power, fame and prestige. They marry to gain these things, which is why many of these couples are celebrities.

Couples like this meet at exclusive parties, meetings and sports events.

The problem is they want to change their partner to be more prestigious or gain more power or fame. That will never work, so they become frustrated and eventually both are disappointed. This type of couple must work hard to overcome the lure of materialism and put things in balance.

Heart Centered Chakra

This is the first chakra under the higher energy centers, so it is the first that produces a good relationship. Couples who are drawn with this chakra typically have long-lasting marriages.

These types of people want to work on their own character and development as well as want happiness for all those around them. They like to volunteer and donate to charity. They don’t bring on problems in their relationships, but encounter challenges by fate. Unlike other types of couples, problems strengthen their relationships. They are stable and want to make each other happy, following a set of moral principles and upholding values.

People like this find their mates in places where they are improving themselves like volunteer meetings, church or spiritual gatherings.

Throat Chakra

The person with this as a dominant chakra want to perfect their senses so that they are in tune with the spiritual world. They want happiness for everyone.

The goal of their relationships is to build honest and discipline. Emotions do not rule them, so they are so to act and never act on impulse. They don’t participate in ego-driven conversations and are humble.

These couples are rare, but tend to be talented people. They tend to be artistic and good with words. They love music, poetry and enjoy the beauty of the world. They understand each other deeply, are empathic and communicate with feelings and thoughts. They are true soul mates who often know it when they first see each other.

Third-eye Chakra

These people are heavy into self-realization and always have been. They give their lives completely to each other and are studying the secrets of truth in the universe. They long to experience God and typically are spiritual teachers. They live simply with the goal of making others happy.

Crown Chakra

This is the highest level of relationship one can attain. Those ruled by this chakra creates a mystical love that is beyond the scope of the universe. The husband is viewed by the wife as a teacher and she totally trusts him, as well as loyal to him. His behavior is worthy of sainthood, worthy of her trust. This is an incredibly rare couple.

Just because you may have found a relationship using one distinctie chakra, it doesn’t mean you can’t change. You can open up other chakras and develop new motivations. It could change the way your relationship operates either for better or worse, but it could be better for your spiritual development.