Does Your Past Life Affect You Now?

If you are always suffering in your relationships with friends or partners, chances are you are experiencing karma from a past life.


Karma works by cause and effect and most people that live today have had some type of past life.  Some have had many lives, and many have been reborn so that they can meet with their karma.

The law of karma is that you will plant a seed and you will have some type of repayment for things you have done rather good or bad.

Karma is part of the law of cause and effect and it means you reap what you give.

Good Karma and Bad Karma

Getting a good psychic reading with a real psychic can help you to figure out if what you are going through is karma or not.

When the reading happens, ask your psychic to review your Akashic records or the records of your past and see if what you are facing has to do with karma or not.


The mind is a magnet and can attract things into your life but attracts more negative than positive.

Most of the time when people think negative things, you are there, and you will recall what people say.  How many times were you thankful for your day and for things that happened to you?  How many times did you react to good things in your life?

If you have more negative than positive, then you might find that you are becoming more negative each day.  This happens when negative thoughts invade our life and our environment, and it can be caused by the relationships that we have.


Having a reading can help you to understand your situation and to get a new perspective on what you are going through.  This can be a great gift and can help you to understand your past and your present.

A good psychic can help you to figure out your thoughts and what part of your actions was caused by past life.

You can get an accurate reading by making sure that you have a good psychic.  Do a background check on them and make sure that they know what they are doing.

Use videos and recordings to see them and make sure they are true and that they are accurate.

A good psychic will be reliable and can help you with your life, but you have to make sure you have one that is real and that can remove your blocks form your life and help you succeed.