Cool tools for extra help

One way of linking up with source energy is through meditation.

There are some occasions that we find it hard to speak to our advisors for help, but there is something we can always do to control a situation just when we need to. Together with speaking to an advisor, these tools can be used as additional support. They can also be used any moment you want to feel calm, strong and confident.

Below are quick and easy meditations you can use that will help in the expansion of your energy field and shift your energy in any direction that will help you protect yourself.

Connect to source

Use this to control things you want to come in. this can be done anytime. It’s all about linking up with pure energy. It is likely to be fast but can be done for about 30 seconds after doing it for a while. Use it when in any situation.

Sit, lay or stand comfortably and take deep breaths and relax.  Close your eyes and just breathe.

Imagine a beam of this beautiful light flowing through your whole body.  You are connected to pure source energy consciously from above and below.

You can request the light to bring what you would like for that day, or for you or even whatever you would like to do.

Mirror technique

Only use this technique when a negative situation arises and you need a break from everything. This is a strong connection between two individuals or empaths. It’s frequently hard to determine whether the feelings are yours or you’re picking them. Do it frequently the whole day as much as you need it. The first thing in the morning always and at night is a great time as well.

Visualize yourself standing in front of a mirror facing outward. And say something like “This is my space. Only good comes to me. Or I invite in can be here.”

Clearing technique (Releasing exercise)

Use this exercise when you want to do away with anything in your life, be in thoughts, people or negativity. The exercise can just be used for all of the things but can’t be used when releasing a person. There’s a bit of difference in the statement versus other things.

It is essential to feel the shift in energy inside you while releasing these things. During that process, you have to be honest. It won’t be beneficial if you are doing this exercise to manipulate other people or energy.

If you are interested in learning about different techniques, just call me or your favorite psychic who will be happy to share knowledge with you. We are here to empower and help you as long as we can.