Letting go of anxiety with crystals

Many things change with the seasons. For some, it means adjusting for different times, for others, the change is unsettling for them, spiritually and emotionally.

This is nothing new; it has been known as the winter blues, a necessary evil before the spring fever.  The changes of the season happens people all over the world; mood changes along with the seasons.

It may be caused  by the number of daylight hours and may manifest  itself as too much sleep and food and is accompanied by low energy and weight gain. This seems to change in the spring when people can have problems sleeping and lose their appetite due to anxiety.

Whatever the cause, the mood changes are linked to the season. You can alleviate this by keeping to a regular schedule and routine. Drink plenty of water. This will help keep you chakras nourished. Spend some time walking outside to keep yourself attached to nature and keep the blood flowing.

Crystals can help you stay balanced and prepared to battle a shifting mood. Some crystals that are known to work very well against staving off the blues include amethyst. It is a natural healer. It works held in your hand or on your head or on your head.  It helps with emotional pain and internal conflict. It works by calming your mind and releasing stress.

A good stone to bring feelings of positivity is carnelian. It can be held in the hand or rested upon your center. It can give an energy boost and help you move past challenges.

When it comes to emotions, citrine is very helpful. It can alleviate frustration and anxiety. Held in the hand or placed on the stomach it can help build positive feelings and build self worth and motivation.

Rose Quartz has a number of uses.  It is frequently used for jewelry and other small pieces.  It connects you to a feeling of self-love and by leading you to a love of Spirit. It is a good crystal to help you move past your emotional baggage.

Another powerful stone is Tiger’s Eye. It can raise your frequency by drawing courage and will power. It encourages your inner strength. It can also help you clear your mind.

Crystals are  a great, cost effective way to keep your moods balanced and stable.  These, combined with a healthy lifestyle can help you get through times of shifting mood and anxiety.