Finding A Rare and True Psychic Medium

           It is an unfortunate consequence for some of us who are legitimate psychic mediums because there are fakes out there. Without actually receiving a reading, it can be difficult to tell who is real and who is not. Word of mouth recommendations can be very helpful but a relatively small percentage of the population has actually had a reading with a genuine medium. I believe I have my perspective is a unique one to address this issue from.

 Prior to the passing of my son and my spiritual awakening, I was the ultimate skeptic of psychic mediums. Being very pragmatic, I did not believe in such things. When I started receiving signs from my son and recognizing them as signs, I began researching psychic mediums. What I found was an overall lack of information regarding legitimacy in this field. I ended up taking a chance on a local medium, mostly due to availability. Since then, I have awakened and discovered my abilities, participated in many development groups and become a psychic medium. After doing mutual readings for a few local mediums I earned the trust of the local community of legitimate mediums.

Circle of trust

 One of the methods of finding a legitimate medium is seeing who is in their “circle of trust.” Looking at their Facebook profile is a good starting point. Legitimate mediums will generally not remain friends with someone when it is determined they do not possess genuine abilities, nor will the fake be allowed into the “circle of trust.”


 Look for reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc. Anonymous reviews with a first name and only an initial for the last name should carry less weight than someone who puts a review out there with their full name.


 Check to see if the medium has an established business. Facebook page, informative website and credit card processing are important things to look for here. Cash only with very little information on their website is a red flag here. A storefront in not necessary, as most mediums work from their home, come to your home or provide phone readings.


 Look for lines of communication. Does the medium have a phone number or email address? Will they answer general questions prior to a reading? Don’t expect immediate replies as a good medium can be busy at times.

Gut feeling

 How do you feel about a prospective medium? Your spirit guides will try to help you decide. Your “gut feeling” is actually your own soul, with input from your spirit guides, telling you what is the best direction for you. Look at their website, photo and read their bio. Ask your guides if that one is a good fit for you and listen to your soul.

Common sense

 Use plain old common sense. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I have seen small signs stuck in the ground at intersections. “PSYCHIC READINGS $10.00” or something similar. Please find out who they are first and pass it through the filter of believability. In my opinion, a legitimate psychic medium will most likely not want or need to advertise in that manner.


 Even the best psychic mediums do not make a recognizable connection every time. You and the medium will both know if, for some reason, it just isn’t working. What is their refund policy if no connection is made, therefore no actual service is provided? However, do not expect a refund for late cancellations.


This can be misleading. Name recognition, television shows, high search engine rankings and Facebook “likes” are not necessarily an accurate measure of legitimacy. I believe there are some very popular mediums who are genuine and some who are not. Regardless of popularity, I would still make my decision based on the criteria laid out in the previous paragraphs.