Ways To Avoid The Most Common Psychic Scams

    It’s very common that if someone reached for a psychic then she wants to believe that the psychic is working in the client’s best interests and that’s where disaster happens at times. Normally, A psychic can help you prepare for an upcoming trip, make important relationship decisions or consult you on how to deal with an upcoming change in your career. It is common for people to consult their psychic before making any changes in their lives.

While we all want to believe that the psychic we choose is going to look out for us, there are some psychics who are in it for themselves and the money. It can be frustrating to be caught up in a scam, and it can be even more frustrating when that scam involves someone who has offered advice you had trusted for some time.

The first thing to remember is that psychic scams can happen. It isn’t your fault and it should not dissuade you from contacting a psychic. If you do get caught up in a psychic scam, try changing to a network of telephone psychics that have a proven track record and accountability to a company.

To protect yourself, you need to take the time to become familiar with the more common psychic scams. Understand how to identify a scam and know how to avoid it in the future. Once you have armed yourself with some helpful information, you can get on with finding a life guide to help you achieve all of your goals and establish new goals that you never knew you could accomplish.


The guesser is a psychic that does not understand how to bring your energies together and tell you things about yourself that not even you knew. The guesser feeds into your desires and fears and starts to tell you the things that you want to hear rather than giving you good advice based on psychic abilities.

One good way to avoid a guesser is to only go to a psychic that was referred to you by someone you trust. It is a bad idea to pick a psychic at random from the phone book and then try to get helpful life tips from her. You want a psychic with a history of helping people and understanding what it really means to be a trusted guide.

If you get into a situation where you think you may be getting scammed by a guesser, there are two good ways to tell. Keep track of the advice and information that your psychic gives you. If, over the course of a month or two, the information is continually wrong, then you have a guesser.

Another way to tell is if the psychic starts trying to sell you on special chants or spells that can get rid of your negative energy. A good psychic knows that chants and spells do not remove bad energy. A psychic is there to read your energy and warn you about pending problems. If your psychic tries to charge you high rates for getting rid of bad energy, then you have a guesser. Run away!


One common scam among disreputable psychics is the use of demonic possession or insisting that a client is cursed. For example, a psychic that is trying to scam someone will tell that person that they are being followed by a demonic spirit and that the psychic can remove the spirit through a series of expensive ceremonies.

The psychic will tell the client to purchase strange herbs and totems, and then prescribe ceremonies to do on their own. Then the scamming psychic will start creating a series of rituals that the psychic himself will run with several large, up front payments. The worst part is that the demons never get a cut of the earnings.

The use of curses is an elaborate and long-term scam that can cost the client a lot of money while making the psychic out to look like a hero. During a series of readings, the fake psychic will hone in on the client’s bad experiences. He will ask the client to discuss those experiences in great detail including client emotions and expectations.

Over time, the psychic forces enough of these discussions that the client begins to believe that she is really cursed. This is a two-part scam that can be very emotionally damaging to the client. The first part is the series of readings that establish the curse. The fake psychic will insist on more frequent readings and not even offer the client a discount. To the contrary, the psychic may insist that the readings are getting more intense and will raise the per reading price.

Once the psychic has the client convinced she is cursed, there is a long series of expensive rituals to remove the curse. Unfortunately, when a fake psychic removes a curse it is not like you see in the movies. It takes weeks, sometimes months, and can be emotionally draining.

The moral of this story is that the first time your psychic mentions that you may be cursed then you need to grab your things, leave the room and never go back. You are not cursed. There is no such thing as curses.


Psychics who engage in scams have a variety of methods for tricking customers who are relying on the psychic for important advice. The cursed egg scam is part of an elaborate deception designed to steal wealth from the client by having the client bring the wealth to the scammer.

This is a slight-of-hand scam that involves a desperate client and an opportunistic criminal. The scam begins with the psychic convincing the client that she is cursed and her money or possessions are the reason why. It plays on the guilty notion that some people have that money and expensive property is the root of all evil.

To prove her point, the psychic asks the client to bring an egg to one of the readings. The client is told that if there is anything found in the egg other than yolk, then the client is cursed. The psychic breaks the egg and uses slight of hand to drop red dye or human hair into the cracked egg. When the client sees that the egg she brought from home has foreign materials in it, just as the psychic said it would, then she is convinced she is cursed.

The client is then told to bring her money, credit cards, jewelry and any other expensive possessions she can carry to a ritual spot where the materials are supposed to be destroyed. But the criminal psychic changes the bag of money and possessions with a bag full of newspaper when the client is distracted and the worthless newspaper is destroyed while the psychic steals the money, credit cards and jewelry.


When the fake psychic wants to go for the really big money they will taunt, yell or threaten you if necessary. Sometimes they have someone else in the room to team up on you. Most of the time this is a family member, like the mom & daughter team that got me for $2200 a few years ago.

Most importantly don’t be a victim. I can empathize with you, you need answers, I’ve been there too but don’t believe in what you know isn’t true. Psychics can offer life-changing advice that will bring clarity to your life. When you learn how to identify a scamming psychic, you can avoid the bad advice and financial strain that disreputable people can cause. Find a psychic that helps you on your path and doesn’t lie to you just to make a quick buck. If you have already been conned by a fake psychic, check out my article on what to do if you’ve been scammed.