Finding a Soulmate That Gives Empathy

Being an empath means that you are able to feel the emotions of others. If you are an empath, chances are that you can even know their thoughts or know if someone is sick or suffering.

People that are soulmates are often dealing with empathic connections and they will be able to feel whatever their soulmate is feeling or thinking.

When you have a soulmate that you can share your empath feelings with, it can be hard and if you are open and accepting to the connection hat you have with your soulmate, you will be able to share your empath gift and see it more as a gift instead of a curse.


Empaths have a strong connection between themselves and their soulmates and they are so close that they are able to finish each other’s sentences and be able to know what they are feeling and thinking.

When you love someone, you are willing to go through things that are hard sometimes but being with a soulmate means that you are doing this at a different level entirely.

When your soulmate is sad, you will be sad, when they are happy you will feel happiness. A soulmate will share your emotions and if you are way from them or if they are a runner, the person who is running away, the chaser will have a horrible time with this. They will see that their soulmate runner is hiding form their feelings, even though they cannot escape them, and this can be very emotional.

These feelings will cause there to be extreme sadness and depression and it can be hard for the runner to work through these feelings.

No matter if they are hiding their feelings, their soulmate, even if left behind, will still have to deal with this depressive state and with this sadness. The runner will also feel these emotions, and this can cause the sadness to be even deeper.

These emotions will seem to come out of nowhere and they will feel the impact of them very strongly. It will seem impossible to even deal with it.

Where the Feelings Come From

Instead of trying to hide the feelings, it is important that the soulmates learn to embrace the feelings and separate them from their own feelings. This will not help make the situation better, but it will help them to be able to recognize the emotions. Once they do this, they can figure out what they are going through.

The soulmate runner will share what they want on social media and the soulmate will hear and know what is going on and will know the truth. If you are a soulmate and being a runner, this can be a good thing because this shows you that your soulmate is actually becoming better and learning lessons about their own life and feelings. This means that they hate being away from you and they will come back soon and when they do, they will have learned their lesson and will live a better life. This should give you comfort in your life.

Empathy for your soulmate is a connection that is very deep. They will understand each other’s feelings and they will be able to share these feelings without even talking about it.

This connection will be so strong that they will be able to feel the feelings of their soulmate without there ever being words said. No one else will really understand this connection like they understand it and it is because they are on the same soul level.