Soul Searching to Find Peace

Do you ever feel like you are in life and that things are just not going the way that you wished they were?  Do you feel that you have friends that are not very loyal or that you are bored with life and you are unhappy in your job and other things?

Have you ever been able to relate to life not being what you hope it would be?  If you can think about these experiences, chances are that you are in a place in your life where you have things changing and this can cause you to feel that you are stuck.

These types of things can leave you wanting to set new goals and find a new path in life.

Are you Soul Searching?

Soul searching is a very popular term and even though people use it often, it is more important than a lot of people know. If you are soul searching, then you are going through a part of your journey where life is changing for you.

What is Soul Searching?

Soul searching is when you begin to question things in your life and what you want. This means that you want to have happiness and so you are willing to look at your thoughts, feelings, surroundings, and your habits to see what motivates you and what you need to change.

Soul searching is a part of your inner being and it is where you figure out what you want in your life, including your mind, body, and spirituality.

Soul Loss

Soul loss happens to many people and this is a time where you might feel that you are no longer connected to things around you and you have found that your happiness is no longer there. Maybe you feel that deep down you are worthless or you are depressed and find that you are no longer very happy.

Many cultures have done soul searching, especially after soul loss. Now that we live in a world where everything is based on technology, we often see that it is easier to disconnect but to never change things.

We learn to put our attention on other things instead of searching deep inside and figuring out what we need to have a better life. We choose to not change or evolve, and we focus on other things that are not so important.

We get to the point in life where we become very knowledgeable about things around us and we choose to ignore what is most important, our soul.

Soul loss happens when you decide that you are not going to reach your true potential or when you block out things that are bothering you or that you are unhappy about instead of facing them.

Here are some other reasons people have soul loss:

  • If you were abused or abandoned as a child or you faced childhood trauma, this can be a big reason for soul loss.
  • Even adults have trauma such as being poor, going through a divorce or being discriminated against.
  • Society
  • Brainwashing
  • Using too much technology
  • Ancestral trauma
  • Loving materials too much.
  • Not having values.

There are so many things that can cause soul loss and anything that upsets your mind, body or soul can cause soul loss.

Something is Wrong

We will see that something feels like it is always missing, and this happens because we are not able to connect with our soul.

People all around you have lost souls but they do not realize it, or they do not care because they allow their ego to be in charge and they become defensive when you mention it.

Some people feel that they need to break free from some habits or things in society, but they are intimidated or scared of what would happen if they did.

People will often come to a point in their life where they have to make a decision to change and this is often accompanied by a spiritual awakening.

Lost Place

Being in soul loss means that you are sometimes caught in a middle place. This leaves you feeling lonely or stuck. If you are stuck in this middle ground, here are some things you might feel:

  • Tired
  • Exhausted all the time.
  • Unmotivated.
  • Lonely.
  • Depression or loss of joy.
  • Wanting more out of life.
  • Black sheep of the family.
  • Moody.
  • Feel like you are going through a midlife crisis.
  • You have bad habits.
  • Addictions.
  • You have self-loathing.
  • Do things to feel better but nothing works.
  • Boredom.
  • Feel that something is missing inside.
  • You don’t know who you are.
  • You feel like life has no meaning.

If you have these feelings, you are not alone.

Soul Searching

You can figure out what you want in life and just because your journey was on pause doesn’t mean that you have to give up. Learn to understand what you want in your life and pay attention to your spiritual feelings.

You are worthy of happiness and you need to find this in your life.


When you want to understand soul searching you have to know that meeting someone or getting a new job isn’t going to fix you. You have to learn to fix yourself and to find out what you really want.

How to Soul Search

There are things you can do to soul search and here are some ways:

Be Alone

Take time to be alone and do not think of this as a bad thing. Everyone needs to take time to meditate and to really figure out what they want in life.

Make time each day to spend time with just yourself. Dedicate time to meditate and not only can it help you to find your purpose, but it can also recharge your energy.

Nature and Ego

Figure out if your ego is holding you back. Sometimes our ego comes and controls us, and your ego can change all the time.

Do you ever feel that you are different with different people? Your ego acts differently depending on where you are at and this can show people that you are different than who you really are.

The ego makes you believe who you are and that you are better than others. It can cause you to be held back in your growth because it wants to protect you and keep you from having feelings.

When you look at your ego, you need to understand that it is not who you really are. If you want to explore your ego and figure out what you are feeling, here are some ways:

  • Take time to journal your feelings and your habits.
  • Ask yourself questions about who you are.
  • Meditate and take time for yourself.

Doing these things can help you to figure out who you are and what you want.

Inner Child

We all have an inner child, and this can be the part of you that is most authentic. This is where your soul was when you were born, and it was a time where you were thankful for everything and happy. You can connect to this inner child again. If you want to, here are some ways to do that:

  • Write yourself a letter.
  • Imagine your inner child in you.
  • Look at pictures of what you think your inner child is.
  • Do something you used to love to do.

Always be kind with yourself and learn to do things like laugh more and to allow your emotions to come forth.

Reflect on who you are now and who you used to be.


Look at your inner self and take time to figure out who you really are. Imagine the different qualities that you have and the knowledge that you have.

Breathe in and out and imagine all of your troubles leaving you. Think about things such as being creative or exercising. Meditate on your living and feel happy that you are alive.

When you reflect on your inner soul, you can figure out what makes you feel good and alive.


Nature can help to heal you. You can go out into nature and you will feel refreshed and alive. The universe has given you nature and you need to go out and enjoy it and find your freedom. You are a spirit that is free and sometimes you need to go out into nature to find your wild side.

Go out into nature and allow your soul to find what you are missing. You can go outside a few minutes a day and walk barefoot in the grass or go to the beach. Look at the clouds and the flowers and things around you.

If you live in a city, take time to drive to the park or to a hiking place and spend time waking up your life.

Ask Questions

You will never get answers unless you ask. When you are soul searching you have to ask questions along your journey such as:

  • Who am I really?
  • What does life mean to me?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What are some things I want to do in my life?
  • What is the real me?
  • What does it mean to be happy?
  • What would make me feel that I made good choices in life?
  • What does my soul look and feel like?
  • What do I want people to remember me for?

Asking questions can help you to refocus on your goals and your aspirations. If you want to, write these things down in your journal.

Find Your Place

Finding your place means that you are allowing a place in your soul to be found. This can be a place where you are able to open up to yourself such as outside in nature, at a church or somewhere that you love to go.

Going to this place will make you feel that you are home and that you have found your inner peace. You must find a place where your soul feels happy and where you can meditate and be stronger.

Everyone is born with the desire to reach their goals and to get rid of their worry and their fear. Everybody wants to have grace and wants to have inward peace. We all want to know who we are and what our real identity is.

If we want to reach our soul space, we have to let go of our ego and learn to be still and to listen. Meditating can help us to find the nature of who we are and what we want.

If you want to live your best life, you have to be open to your spiritual quest and it will help you to see who you really are.