How Good Is A Good Psychic?

  We are often seek a good psychic whenever we feel like having a psychic reading and expose our-self to know more about the future. This thing is, how would we really know if we’re dealing with a real one since their accuracy cannot be measure. The first thing to consider is that reading is an art form not a science. The art of psychic reading means there are no hard and fast, black and white, concrete realities. A good psychic can pick up a flow of energy around the client. Due to the flowing nature of energy and the effects of free will, nothing is 100% guaranteed. There are no guarantees in life, apart from death and taxes so the old saying goes.

Be cautious of psychics who put a % rate of accuracy to their work. This is simply not possible. I have studied statistics at university during my psychology course years ago and I can tell you categorically that measuring a non-scientific event (such as a reading) with a scientific quantifiable measurement device such as a % rate, is totally inaccurate in itself. It is like measuring a Picasso or a Monet and saying it is 99% or 98% accurate. Even a photo is not 100% accurate and if you look at your driver’s license or your passport photo, you will know this! Mine invariably turn out making me look like the creature from the black lagoon on a bad hair day! The work of an artist is not designed to reflect only the physical attributes of the subject, but also to convey meaning and feeling. Psychic readings are much the same. There are counselling skills involved when dealing with people and it is inappropriate to reflect just the physical characteristics of the situation. The meaning to, and feelings of, the client are of paramount importance as well as the accuracy of the reading.

A No-No In Psychic Reading

It is NOT appropriate to pander to a client’s ego, by telling them what they wish to hear. This destroys the integrity of the message given by ‘upstairs’. Stroking a client’s ego this way does nothing to help them change their situation. It is a type of prostitution whereby the psychic is shortchanging herself and her client by not telling the truth. The message given by Spirit must be delivered to the client in a manner she or he can understand and digest. It must also be given in a sensitive and caring way. Telling someone a ‘white lie’ to make them feel better will only demoralise them further, when the event never materializes. Beware of psychics who do this. You need the truth, not a fantasy land story. You can make up your own stories without paying for them! You do not need to pay a psychic to tell you fibs even if they are well intentioned.

Another ‘ploy’ you need to be aware of is the asking of questions by so-called psychics. If a psychic is asking you to provide copious amounts of information or ‘fishing for info’, then you need to be cautious in exactly how much you give away. A genuine psychic won’t expect you to tell your life story. Minimal information such as first name and date of birth should be sufficient for a good psychic to pick up the current energies around you and what the likely outcomes will be. Spirit will come in and reveal what you need to know if you are dealing with a genuine psychic. There are good psychics around, the bible says about those filled with the Holy Spirit “you will know them by their fruits”. Which means you will know people acting with Christ consciousness by their history and the energy around them.

Advice in Choosing a Psychic

The best advice I can offer you when choosing a psychic, is to follow your own intuition. Ask yourself when you read a psychic’s listing “Do I feel heavy or light reading this?” If you feel light you could go with that psychic, if you feel heavy then steer well clear. Your body always knows the truth even if your mind can’t tell the difference. Listen to your own intuition and to your body.

A reading with a good, honest psychic can benefit you for years to come. A good reading will give you further options you can think about and digest at your leisure. There may be things you have never considered which can be raised during the reading. A good psychic is someone who is genuinely concerned for your welfare – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A good psychic will give you the likely outcome of a situation if you continue on your present path with the same energies present. You have free will; therefore you can change the direction of your life. Also remember if you are asking about another person, that person has free will as well and will change their lives as they see fit.  Psychics cannot make that person change to suit you.  But you can change to suit yourself.

You are the ARCHITECT of your life and can construct or deconstruct it any way you choose.  There are choices you can make; no matter what situation you are in or how desperate you may feel. Please do remember ‘no matter how bad it seems now, time will pass and you will change’. Every human being has an inbuilt mechanism for healing and if you follow your gut instinct and focus on your own healing, your life will improve. A good psychic can facilitate this process.

I hope this has clarified the nature of good psychic readings for you. I get a lot of requests for explanations from people who are just getting into the spiritual side of life. Go gently and peacefully through life!