Do Not Tell Everything To Your Psychic

 Going to a psychic isn’t something that is so easy to do as you have to be very open to do it. Actually, even real believers sometimes had a  hard time simply because it’s so personal but the first time you get your reading done and it’s accurate as all get out then you’re hooked. It can be easy to run back and tell them all of your life problems and try to get help with them too. But the issue is that, just like a date, you can give away too much.

There are things that your psychic may not be able to help you with, or even worst, there are things that a bad psychic may expose that they know you’ll pay to hear about. Until you’ve got yourself a nice, steady person to see, there are definitely some things that you shouldn’t tell your psychic.

How Much You Make

Income is a huge thing to many people, and with good reason. Even if you aren’t having money problems or just want some guidance in the investment department, don’t go all in with your account information. As soon as you let the psychic know that you’re well off or bad with money then you’re giving those less honest ones something to use against you. If you’re a wealthy person and you come across someone who is more interested in your money than you they may spin your readings. It could be that suddenly things aren’t clear and you’ll need to come back for the rest later (with an additional fee). On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those that see a person with a hole in their pocket and they put their hands out to catch the cash. Simply keep the amount of money, or lack thereof, to yourself and simply pay for what you need to know.


This might seem counter intuitive, but the more details that you can keep to yourself, the better. Going into detail about all of your relatives and the problems that they’re causing for you practically gives away your reading. If you’ve found a psychic who is lazy or simply business minded then they could easily give you a shallow reading that answers the most obvious of questions. If a cousin is taking all of your money and never paying you back then cut them off. You don’t need a psychic to tell you that. You can ask questions that get to the point without putting all of the information on the table. “I have a family member that always borrows money from me. Should I keep helping them?” This gives them the situation as well as the problem, without specifics (they’re having a hard time getting on their feet, they’re a drug addict, whatever). The cards will know the situation and guide you with the best advice it can. The same goes for other methods of reading. If your psychic needs more information they’ll ask it of you. Just keep an eye out for overfishing with too many questions.