Understanding Reiki Practitioners

Not everyone understands the psychic world and many clients are curious about Reiki and the sessions that take place. Some want to gain information at the end of their sessions, and it is important for people to understand what Reiki is and what it entails.


Reiki practitioners are psychic and have psychic abilities, but these abilities are different depending on who is doing it. Not all Reiki guides say or identify being psychic because they do not have the strong abilities of a psychic. Some of them are not tuned into themselves.

When you learn to be tuned into your Reiki energy, you will have a way to develop your psychic gifts. Reiki attunement and psychic abilities are both related.

Having Reiki attunement means that you are connecting to the Reiki source. This means you are healing them and reaching their energies. You can tune into Reiki by taking classes and by finding a master teacher that works in this field.

This kind of attunement lets your energy be channeled and it can help you to be more open to the flow of energy. This can deal with your chakras and other parts of your body.

Levels of Being

When you reach this part of your life, you are creating a space in your mind, body, and spirit. You can get more space by getting rid of past life trauma, by forgiving, getting rid of toxins and healing from injuries and sicknesses that you need to release.

Some people will change their thought pattern and their habits so that they can become free of their sickness.

A mental change will happen, and people will become clearer and will be able to open their third eye. This can empower them and open up their mind to the spiritual world. You will connect to the universe and get rid of mental clutter that is holding you back.

Clair Gifts

The clair gifts are most dominate in most psychics. There is clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizant and more. These mean clear hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, knowing and other giftings that help you to see in the spirit world.

Most people will have one dominate gift and these gifts will help them from a young age. When you tune into Reiki you can learn to channel your energy and make your gifts become more powerful.

All Psychic

Everyone is psychic in some way or another just not everyone has developed these gifts. Here are some psychic gifts that you may have:


If you are able to feel things in your emotions including the past, present or future, then you might be clairsentient. This is not feeling with your hands but something inside of your body tells you things. You may feel that someone is going to contact you and then they do, or you might question a decision you are about to make and know what to do.


Being clairvoyant means you are able to see things such as visions, dreams, and other things. You may even see spirits with your eyes. You might be sensitive to things such as light.


If you are clairaudient it means you are hearing messages being played in your mind. You might even hear someone say your name. This will be a voice inside of your head. You may find you are sensitive to sounds and have a hard time being in loud places.

The messages you get are from the higher realm and you need to listen to them.


Knowing something that without being told about it can mean you are claircognizant. This means you are getting messages from the divine guide and you are needing to pay attention to what they are saying to you. This can include automatic writing.


When someone does a Reiki session, they will relax their mind and body and clear their mind. This will help them to channel the energy and get information from the client. The information that they get will come from visual energy and from inner energies. The energy will sometimes be so strong that it will be overwhelming to the Reiki practitioner.

The practitioner will often respond to this session and will feel the vibrations growing stronger. If you are considering taking Reiki classes to increase your abilities, know this is not the only way to develop your gifts. This is one way that you can learn quickly, and you can learn to dominate your clair gifts.