Traits of a Cancer

Are you someone that wants to be the center of attention and the person that all your friends and family members come to when they have a problem and need someone to help them?  Maybe they come to you so they can feel peace or love. Chances are if this is you, you are a Cancer.

Your Sun sign doesn’t always tell your exact personality, but it will tell important things about you. You can use different charts, your Saturn return, and your Moon sign on top of your Sun sign to help figure you out.

The Cancer was born between June 21 and July 22 and this means that you have a sign that can help you shine bright even if people say you have a bad personality. You probably know what it means to be a Cancer and maybe you are not exactly sure what that means for you but there are some traits that most Cancers have in common and here they are:

Cancers and Motherly Instincts

Cancers seem to make good moms to children, people, plants, and animals. They love to help out people and they are very supportive in each person’s emotions. These are people that are not crabby and will give you the shirt off your back.


A Cancer does not always like to show their feelings. When they get hurt, they hide it and even though they seem to have a strong shell, they still have emotions but just hide them well.

Even though the Cancer will give you whatever you need, they might not open up to you.


Cancer’s are very sensitive and seem to know the emotions of people and what they need. If you are around a Cancer, chances are they will know what is wrong with you before you even tell them you have a problem.


The Cancer loves to collect things and they are often seen as hoarders. They don’t care if their stuff is worth anything and they don’t care that they have nowhere to store it, they just love to have stuff.


Cancers are not shy, but they do not jump right into things. Cancers are not judgement and they like to have a social circle, but they are kind of reserved.

The Cancers will have a group of friends that they know that they can trust but they will not always open up to people that they know or get close to them.

A Cancer will know who they can trust, and they will figure out who their circle is and that is who they will mainly hang out with.


If you are a Cancer, chances are that you have some of the traits mentioned above. Cancers can make great friends, love to collect things, are reserved, sensitive and overall great people.