10 Signals You Are Awakening Spiritually

Organized religion is not always the most satisfying way for people to connect with the Divine and Universal energy.  When it comes to how people identify religiously, it seems it is becoming more and more common to answer “spiritual.”  If this resonates with you, here are ten ways to grow your spiritual awareness and impact.

  1. Sleep

If you are beginning to awaken spiritually, you may notice a tendency to randomly wake up at various points throughout the night.  You might notice it has become more tedious for you to drift off asleep, your mind racing.  The amount of sleep needed can also fluctuate for those taping into their spiritual essence.

  1. Dreams

People with budding spiritual powers report a sense of such vivid dreams that is it hard to tell if one is asleep or awake.  Dreams also frequently relay important messages or questions that help your soul’s purpose.

  1. Increased Psychic Gifts

As your spiritual inclinations grow so too will your skills of intuition.  You will begin to rely on your intuition to guide you through any difficult situation or question.  You might also notice that you can now hear messages from Divine sources, including ascendant masters, angels, spirits or guides.  You may also begin to notice an increased talent for healing and feel compelled to explore divination methods like tarot cards, runes, crystals and mediumship.

  1. Behavioral Changes

Moods and emotions become tricky to navigate as one spiritually awakens.  At times you may feel overwhelmed by them and alternate between intense joy, hope, fear and sadness that has no root basis.  It might feel like you are on the most extreme emotional rollercoaster, but with time you will learn to mitigate these swings more easily.

  1. Relationships

As your energy shifts you will notice certain relationships becoming stronger, while others seem to fissure almost overnight.  This is because people are attracted to people that resonate at the same energetic vibration as them.  This is ok to notice a shift in relationship dynamics.  Take time to honor the lessons you learned and be grateful for their time in your life.  You might also find solace by joining a group of others who, like yourself, are on a spiritual quest.

  1. Senses

As your extrasensory abilities develop you will notice ways your physical senses change as well.  You might find yourself hearing new sounds, paying attention to passing shadows, having an altered palate and sense of smell.  This all is happening to make room for your heightened sense of intuition.

  1. Physical Discomfort

People beginning their spiritual journey recall facing physical limitations such as headaches, back pain, tingling sensations, and persistent flu-like symptoms.  It is important to work with your medical providers to make sure no underlying health issues are manifesting.

  1. “Teachers” Manifestations

All neophytes need a guide to help them answer pressing concerns.  This is spiritual awakening is no exception!  It may seem like whenever you feel yourself at crossroads, the right person comes along at the most opportune time.  These lessons may also arise in the form of messages or signs from the Universe as visions, tokens, sounds and sudden feelings of “knowing or sensing”.

  1. Shift in Likes and Dislikes

Just as your senses are changing, you might notice that you begin to take more or less interest in previous hobbies or preferences for music, art, books and experiences.

  1. Pull Towards Nature

As you awaken spiritual you will not be able to resist the call of Nature.  As it feels louder in your inner world, you will crave the sanctuary of the outdoors.  You will find peace in listening to the birds, watching the clouds or waves, and enjoy journaling your experiences.  Be prepared to become more attune to changes in the seasons, weather and migratory patterns.