Is This Your Twin Flame?

Twin flames are pulled into a state of mind that removes the focus of their life from themselves to their twin flame.  They choose to focus on their twin flame so that they can call them into the highest good of being together.

They sometimes have guided focus and will think on the future and will talk to the universe.  The spiritual guides will put them in the right direction.  Thinking on your spirit guide can cause you to be stressed and when it is time for them to come, they will.  You need to concentrate on being happy and learning in your life until they come.

Our spirit will encourage us to make the most out of what is going on in the present.  Be mindful of your journey and where your journey is going but concentrate on what is going on now.

Life Reasons

You are where you are for a reason.  You are at this place because this is the place that you are meant to be.  Your journey is taking place right now and right where you are.

Does it matter where you are right now?  You will meet your twin flame when it is time.  You want to have love and to meet them, you want to be recognized and to be loved by someone that you love back.  You want to share your happiness and your love with someone else, and in the future, you will.

Your future can be a lifetime and you have to enjoy things for what they are now until they change.  You have twin flame connection, but you need to wait until they find you.


Love will come when it is time.  When you are happy and fulfilled in life, it brings love.  When you are afraid in life and unsettled, it brings your twin flame further from you.

You need to have positive energy and shift your mind to think on love and to think on your twin flame and this can make the meeting happen faster.

You have to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions and learn to attract your connection.  Clear your chakras from blocks and allow your soul to connect with your twin flame.  You must open your heart and learn to plant a seed for your future, and you will see the growth come.

Stop dreaming and hoping for a future and learn to be patient.


When you are spirit focused, you will know this is the highest good.  Your twin flame will come and then there will be free will.  Even though you are in a soul contract with your twin flame, chance is you or they have reincarnated, and your twin flame might reincarnate again and again.

When this happens, your twin flame will possibly be in a different lifetime and will be experiencing things that you already had and things that you could have done differently.  They will see your happiness and other feelings.

This will allow you time to make a decision to journey back to the physical world and to be two people on the earth.  You will choose where you want to be born and start your life again.


In the life that you are in, twin flames will be arranged to come together, and they will both be on the earth with high vibrational frequencies.  These will be absorbed into the planet and when you meet your twin flame, it will be very significant for you.  You will need to reconnect your soul and form a union, and this will be a marriage of some sorts.

Then, ascension will come, and you will incarnate in order to make a gateway to love.  This will be a way that you can channel your energies and clear out old energies form your life.  Once this has happened, your twin will form a gateway that brings love to the earth and you will no longer be tied on to them if you choose so.


You will have a scheduled time on earth to see your twin flame, but your free will can make this more voluntary.  When you return to your soul of light, you will have other priorities and you will no longer feel stressed about your other life.  You will learn to relax and enjoy your life and then you will have freedom.


Once you have met your twin flame and you have ended the lifetime, you can choose what you will do together next.  You will not have to do it over again, but you will have to make the most of your life now and learn to love and forgive others so that there are no problems that are not resolved.

You have to go into love without being afraid and learn to forgive others.  Rather you reunite with your flame or not, you can try again at a different time.  This is always a choice.

The Now

Some twin flames choose not to come back to earth once they are together again because they are happy where they are.  If there is a lot of karma involved, it can cause a good relationship and may bring more enjoyment.

Know that what ever happens, you have free will to make all of this change.  Remember that you can never live in the now again and you have to learn to be happy with what is going on in your life right now.