A Beginners Guide to Remembering Past Lives

If you feel like an old soul that has previously spent a few lifetimes on earth and want to know more, then you are in luck. This guide will take the hunches about your previous lifetimes and help you piece them together to understand your soul history and regain the memories buried deep in the past.

If you are unsure where to begin to unlock your past lives due to lack of experience, then this guide will help. It can be difficult to remember a past life and the images or feelings may be vague and confusing. This guide will help.

Third Eye Open

Getting back to past life memories requires an open third eye. This is a step that cannot be overlooked due to its importance. Children have wide open chakras and high levels of intuition that are often hidden as adults. This is in part because we are taught false beliefs growing up. We are taught only to believe what we can see and to ignore spirits and intuition. On top of this the low vibration put into the world by excessive technology paired with earthly toxins can cause damage that will need clearing.

Most people have a third eye chakra that is blocked and it is heavily associated with psychic abilities, so opening it can help you connect to past life memories. This does not mean you should avoid work on all your chakras, just that the third eye will help the most once everything else is aligned. Following this, you will be ready to receive information about your past lives.

Regular Meditation

The goal is to remember your past lives on your own with this guide, but some do seek help. If going at it alone your past life memories will come back to you in pieces as you begin the ascension process. As you raise your vibration levels and connect to a Source daily, you can start integrating your lower and higher self, human and soul. This allows you to go deep into the layers to gain knowledge about your past lives.

This knowledge can come as a vision during meditation or at other times being triggered by something happening or what you have seen. To even begin this process you must start or stick to a meditation practice. As you listen to meditation music send a cord from your heart space to the planetary core and from your heart space to space, connecting with the core. This will lead to rapid progress and develop your psychic abilities.

Take Notice

Once your chakras are open and you are meditating with regularity than more intuitive hits will come. These messages will arrive via your four clairs. The messages may come across as mind images, words and phrases, psychic downloads or even just gut feelings. This will not be a movie type thing, but random images of people you do not recognize during a different time period. These will be flashes, not a whole story, about your past life. Many times, the images will be triggered by something, but whatever the case, take note to see if people or places recur in the flashes. This can help you put your story together.

Past Life Regression

A past life regression can be transformative and enlightening, but it is not for everyone. During a past life regression a trained therapist uses hypnosis to help you recover past lives. This is a good option if you are unable to get memories on your own or want more information.

What you discover may help you discover karmic reasons behind what is happening in the current life and illuminate the soul’s chosen lessons, purpose, and even challenges. This is why regression is part of the ascension process, the knowledge of the past helps you move forward. Knowledge can help you complete your soul mission for this life.