Finding Out About Your Past Life

If you take time to think about things in your past, think about it as an alternate reality. Time is changed and there is a past, present and a future that all work together in the same moment.

Reincarnation can happen and this is a life where you will look at the identity of your soul and know without things having to be proven or disproven.

You have to learn to acknowledge that you have a past and that it is not fantasy but it is something that is hidden form you. You have to understand that the things you do and do not have to do with your past.

There are ways that you can look at the chapters of your life and many times it takes life regression therapy to do so. This is when you hypnotize your brain to find the memories that you have that you have suppressed. You can do this by having someone access your Akashic Records.

Past Life

Some define the past life as an alternative life. This is when time and space come together, and they change dimensions. This is a psychic realm and instead of being in one dimension, you are where you can allow yourself to get out of your reality.

This is a place where you do not know where you are, and it begins at birth and stops when you die. The soul is in different cycles and it changes over and over again.

The energies that someone has can do with your soul history and can parallel your past, present and your future and help you on your journey.

Healing the Soul

Your past life can help you to heal. When you access your Akashic records, it allows you to move past life events that have carried low vibrations. This can be energy that is stuck in your soul that has hurt you or caused you to have bad karma.

This can happen from imbalances and from trauma that has come in your life. When you know these things, you can change your path and learn to be more aware of what has happened that has caused this kind of karma to come.

Research the Past

You can research your past by talking to a psychic. They can use your birth date and name and location to help you.

How Many Past Lives Do People Have?

There is no limit to the amount of past lives that you have. There is no real way to measure this.

Learning About the Past

It is not always necessary to learn about your past life, but it can help you if you are struggling with things in your life. You can get distracted and attached to different parts of your life. It is important to get information that is relevant to what is going on in the now so that you can learn about your future.

Deciding Your Past Life

Your life will show you what you need to learn. When you get uncomfortable or stuck then you need to change what you are doing.

You will learn different lessons in your life as you incarnate. There is a plan from the universe what happens to your soul and your soul will show you what is relevant.


Each time your soul does something it becomes part of your Akashic record. This is your energy field and is part of your present and alternative lifetimes. There are things that can teach you about this and help you to know what methods in life to take.

Akashic records will help you to understand your energy and any trauma that you have experienced. It is important not to become attached to this energy.

Trusting Your Information

You need to have clear intentions when you get a reading of your past life. Do not let your ego get in the way and be open minded.

Parallel Life

Everything in your life has to do with the universe and it is all connected. Your present life can influence the past that you have had, and the past can influence the future.

It is important that you are conscious about what you do and what decisions you make, or you can create karma that will not be healthy for you.

Opportunities will always come, and this can teach you a lesson. Do not make problems for yourself and learn to evolve.