How to Understand the Throat Chakra

Many people have heard of the seven chakras in our bodies, but most don’t understand them. Chakras are energy centers and each one serves a different purpose. The throat chakra, or fifth chakra, is interesting because of its relationship to sound and its purpose.

Where is the throat chakra located?

This chakra is at the throat level in the center of the neck. It acts as a kind of gateway because energy passes through it from the head to the lower parts of the body and back again.

Naturally, this chakra is related to communication and expression as well as sound. This is where a sound originates and sound has a vibration that is felt throughout our body.

There are other names commonly used for the throat chakra, including vishuddha, Kanth Padma, and shodash dala. The most common one is vishuddha, which is Sanskrit and means pure or purification.

Purpose of Throat Chakra

The idea of the name and the relationship to sound and energy is the throat chakra purifies communication and energy passage when it functions correctly.

Characteristics of the Throat Chakra

All chakras are characterized by colors and symbols and the throat chakra is no different. The color associate with it a type of turquoise or an aquamarine blue. The energy of the throat chakra can be seen in auras as a turquoise or smoky purple.

The throat chakra symbol is a complicated one. It contains a 16-petal circle, a circle inside a crescent, and can also have a downward triangle inside a circle with another circle inside the triangle.

While the characteristics of this chakra may be complicated, understanding it doesn’t have to be. You can get in touch with this chakra by using your voice in things like singing or speaking.