What Does 2020 Have to do with Master Builder Numbers?

2020 is one of the first decades that represent a Master Number. 2020 represents the 22 Master Number for many different reasons.

The Master Number 22 can affect our lives in many ways. The number 22 is part of the Hebrew alphabet which has 22 numbers in it.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot cards, there are 22 in numbers. There are even 22 bones that are found inside of the human skull.

The number 22 can be broken down to an 11 because 11×2 equals 22 and it can be written out in algebraic form such as 4(2+2=4).

The number 11 can mean having a higher-level relationship or can represent someone that breaks rules. It can also represent iconoclasm.

The other number, 4, represents a foundation that helps to build in life where there is a solid construction that allows nature to be part of your life. This is a focus of power number and is very important.


The number 22 is a Master Builder number, and this means that it is someone that will build the foundation in their mind. The vibrations of a Master number are very powerful.

One famous person called Nikola Tesla was known for using their mind to cause things in the physical world to go into action. He used his dreams to be able to tap into the world and the universe.

When we dream, we have the abilities, with our psychic giftings, to be able to be creative and to tap into nature and into the cosmos.

Energy is all around us and is all part of creation. When we dream, our energy can calm us and can allow us to see things in our mind that we cannot see when we are awake.

We have an imagination that allows us to visualize things and to focus on things inside of our minds. This can answer questions that you have, allow you to talk to your spiritual guide and allows you to have a boost in your energies. When you use your imagination, you can get things done that you may not be able to get done in your physical body.


With the year 2020, you can expect there to be more energy than ever. Inside of the 2020, there is a manifestation of energy that is going to be important in your life. We can maintain focus in our lives during this year and if you happen to lose focus or miss out on the signs of the universe, you will not have good things come to you.

This year can be a terrible year if you are not able to focus on the energy it has for you.

2020 has had many challenges and it has been a foundation for the Master Builder number. This number is there to help you with the foundation so that you can take your dreams and can work with your imagination in order to give you success in your life.

If you are wanting to reach your greater good and to have much abundance in your life, then you can use the 2020 Master Builder numbers in order to help you have stamina and power in your life.